Product: Residential Cation Exchange Water Softeners

Characteristics: Residential cation exchange water softeners intended for removal of hardness and the reduction of specific contaminants from drinking water supplies (public or private) considered to be microbiologically safe and of known quality.

Product: Drinking Water Treatment Units – Aesthetic Effects

Characteristics: Materials or products that come into contact with drinking water and/or drinking water treatment chemicals. Products and materials may include process media, protective materials, joining and sealing materials, pipes and related products, mechanical devices used with treatment/transmission/distribution systems, and mechanical plumbing devices.

Product: Lead Free Plumbing Products

Characteristics: Products may include any pipe, pipe fitting, solder, flux, or other plumbing products providing water for human consumption.


1. Pro Soft Softener Series systems
2. Pro Clean Filtration Series systems
3. Pro Protect Filtration systems

Product: Alkaline Hydrogen Drinking System