How clean is your water?

Aquamundo Texas offers consultation for water treatment systems for homes, communities, towns and industry

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The purification of water is what we’re about. We know water treatment and we know what works.

Choose your right water system

Here in Aquamundo, we carry a full line of innovative water filtration systems including: water softeners, drinking water systems, reverse osmosis systems, and home water filtration systems, among others. Our Houston water softener and filter experts can help you choose the water system that meets your every need while fitting your budget, so call us today at 713-309-9494 to learn more about which home water system is right for you.

Protect your Family and your home

A water filtration system from Aquamundo can prove to be a tremendous addition for your home in Houston and other nearby community in Texas. Whether you are looking to improve the taste of your water, reduce the harmful effects your water is having on your skin, or solve any other water-related issue, our company can help ensure that the water you and your loved ones use on a daily basis, throughout your entire home, is cleaner and healthier than ever before.

How Clean is Your Water?

Aquamundo offers consultation for water treatment systems for homes, communities, towns and industry. We can analyze any water problem and recommend a solution as testified by our clients, whether residential, agricultural or commercial.Free water tests, next day installation and commercial filtration options are available.

Enjoy the benefits of soft water:

Eliminates hard water deposits that plug up plumbing

Increases the life expectancy of water using appliances

Maintains efficiency of water using appliances like water heaters by eliminating lime scale build-up

Eliminates hard water spots and etching on dishes, glasses, flatware and more

Eliminates hard water spots and soap curd deposits in sinks, tubs and showers

Reduces the use of soaps and cleaning products

Often eliminates the need for any harsh chemical cleaners in the home

Eliminates hardness deposits building up in shower heads and sink faucet aerators significantly extending their life expectancy

Significantly reduces or eliminates chlorine from household water which dries out your skin and hair and strips the colors from clothes and linens when laundered

Refined water rinses cleanly in the shower eliminate soap curd on your hair and skin

Eliminates hard water deposits that plug up plumbing

Leaves laundry feeling soft and clean rather than scratchy and stiff because soap rinses completely away and no mineral deposits are left in the fabric.

Refined water, all by itself, is a powerful solvent, significantly aiding in the cleaning process

Reduces the demand for household cleaning of faucets, sinks, tubs, and showers